How You Can Help Trooper and Adam!

Yesterday morning, a tractor-trailer driver from Syracuse told NYS Police that he saw two dogs thrown from a vehicle on 1-81 North. He stopped to rescue the dogs and call the authorities. One of the dogs, who was later named “Trooper”, is in serious condition with numerous injuries including two fractured legs, broken ribs, a lung contusion, and several deeps cuts. The other dog, who was named “Adam” after the truck driver who rescued them, escaped with more minor injuries.

Imagine how these poor dogs, thrown from a vehicle, have suffered. The only hope for abused animals is for those of us that care to step forward to help.

Every dollar that you donate to the Staffworks “Save A Life” campaign will help companion animals in need like “Trooper” and “Adam”. DOUBLE YOUR DONATION now at

If you would like to watch the news story on Trooper and Adam from WBNG in Binghamton please click on the link below:

You can also stay updated on both dogs’ progress by following The Broome County Humane Society on Facebook.

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